William Bridges, author of Managing Transition: Making the Most of Change says,

Change is not the same as transition.  Change is situational.  Transition is the psychological process people go through to come to terms with the new situation.  The starting point for transition is not the outcome but the ending that you will have to make to leave the old situation behind.  Situational change hinges on the new thing, but psychological transition depends on letting go of the old reality and the old identity you had before the change took place.”          

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  1. This is a great explanation, Candy. Now, do I WANT to let go of my old identity and my old reality that was so wonderful. I sometimes sit and wonder if anyone else is resisting the way I am to transitioning.


  2. Good morning Candy, this was a great post. I have been feeling like I am running behind all the time lately, and never seem to catch up on emails, blogs, staying in touch with people I care about, planning bible study lessons and talks, added to all the usual family stuff! How do people do this? I was given an extraordinary and amazing gift in Feb. to travel with a couple on their annual trip to Maui. They wanted to bless me, so they paid my way to go with them for two weeks. Oh, what a blessing. I had asked God to please use this vacation (I have not had a real vacation since before John got sick), to unclutter my mind, which He did. In fact, when I tried to clutter it up again by taking my laptop, my mind went absolutely blank when I tried to write, so He took my request seriously. And I didn’t realize how much I needed that. I got a nice tan and then came home and covered it all up with layers–it has been unusally cold here this winter. After John died and I was in those first weeks of numb, raw, vulnerability, I had gone to a training that I had started before he died (the last training was three weeks after and I forced myself to complete the training), and while there, I felt myself just overcome with the feeling that my “covering” was gone, and I was only half there, invisible. I finally sought out counsel from the leader of the training and he agreed that as a widow, my spiritual “covering” of a husband was gone in the material sense, but that my true covering was Jesus. He then suggested I find someone, a loving and godly couple who could sort of step in to help with my needs. I thought that would be my sons, and I had lots of friends, but not in the way that he was describing. I soon forgot about that and moved on. On the first day of this trip, as I sat on the lanai before sunrise, looking out over the ocean, I was just overwhelmed with thankfulness to this couple for their care for me over the last five years. When Sue came out I told her how I was feeling and she said that after John died Larry told her “Sue, we need to look after Kathy now that John is gone.” Then I remembered what the counselor had told me, and I realized that God had provided that couple and it was Sue and Larry! They had been a covering for me in so many ways and God had already gone ahead and done it right from the start. Amazing. So, now I am back home and catching up, hopefully. I hope you are well Candy. I don’t see your blogs as often, but then I am not blogging as often either. One thing I did realize being in such a perfect environment for two weeks–I enjoyed it, but I also know that my real life is in the thick of the “stuff” of life and that is what draws me to Jesus and what inspires me to write, so Amen. Love you,Kathy Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:31:17 +0000 To:


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