Trust the Wisdom of God

“There is some wise end to be answered; some object worthy of  himself (God) to be accomplished–in your bereavement.  He may not, and will not, perhaps, reveal it to you now, for reasons which he can justify.  But if it were proper or possible for you to know it, you would exclaim, ‘Oh the depth of the riches both of his wisdom and knowledge!  How unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!’ 

If you could see the wisdom of his plans, and it were then left to your choice to take back your  husband again from the grave, you would not dare to do it, on account of the disarrangement and disorder which you would see must ensue.  Have you not sometimes required something from your children, without assigning any reason, or explaining to them what it would be improper for them to know, or impossible for them to comprehend–and required them to confide in your known prudence?  Is it too much for God to expect this confidence from you?  He is wise–trust in his wisdom.”

John Angell James/The Widow Directed to the Widow’s God

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