Sorrow is to be Cultivated

“Sorrow is one of the natural affections of the soul–not to be uprooted, but cultivated.  If we did not feel our losses, we would not be the better for them.  Gentle and well-directed grief, softens our hard hearts, and prepares them for the impression of divine truth–just as showers in spring soften the ground, and fit it for the reception of the seed, and the process of germination.

All passionate distress–which shuts out consolation and refuses to be comforted–is high rebellion against the will of heaven.”

John Angell James/The Widow Direct to the Widow’s God

2 responses

  1. Wow. This is powerful. I have to sit and digest this slowly and carefully. I have been experiencing a kind of grief that is not just grief for my loss. The grief I am experiencing is His grief for what is coming upon the world. It is different than anything I have ever experienced and I am without words. This touches what I am feeling. Thanks so much Candy, I know you understand what I am saying.


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