The Purpose of a Boat

“A boat is safe in the harbor.  But this is not the purpose of a boat.”  -Paul Coelho

When you first become a widow your life as you know it completely stops.  In fact, you feel as if the whole world has stopped.  But, after you bury your husband you notice that everyone’s life around you goes on as if your husband didn’t exist.  Like a boat, you want to sit safely moored in the harbor and it is okay to do that for a time as you grieve.  There comes a time, however, when you have to gather the courage to untie your boat and allow yourself to move out into the sea again.

“You are a boat.  You have done a lot to be safe.  But you are also meant to go ride on the sea, ocean or river to actually experience the beauty, joy and gifts of life.  Batten down your hatches, stockpile your galley and set off.  Trust that you are built to float and withstand any weather.”  -Michele Rosenthal

(Photo Credits: Tim Stanley Photography)


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