The Battle of Trust

Has trusting God become an issue in your life?  Nancy Lee Demoss spoke to Mark Vroegop about the battle that he and his wife had trusting God after a loss:

Hard is hard. We don’t want to pretend that it’s not. Being a good Christin doesn’t mean pretending that hard isn’t hard.  But hard is not bad.  In fact, you have found that hard is in the long term good – that it produces good fruit in your lives.”

Mark’s response was,

“There were some days when that trusting the Lord thing did not go well for both of us.  So, this idea of trusting the Lord is a fight.  It is a battle and there were some days when we would have to end the day confessing, ‘Lord, today was not good–we were not victorious.  We’re just going to believe that You understand our frame and You’ve never given us more than we can bear, but we’re struggling and we didn’t do well today.  You know it.  We’re sorry.  Please forgive us and help us tomorrow.’  And we did that again and again and again. 

It isn’t just this one-for-all trust the Lord, ‘Hey, I’m over the mountain.’ But it’s just this rugged daily battle that goes well.  There are times when it’s really, really hard, and times when you don’t do it very well. Keep trusting the One who keeps us trusting.”

7 responses

  1. This is just what I needed to hear. It is hard, very hard to keep trusting God when trial upon trial are upon us. Its clinging to that hope. And its even harder doing this alone as a widow without a husband for support and help.


  2. Such wise words. As this journey progresses I find that I am having a fewer number of days when I have to voice that prayer – so grateful that His mercies are new every morning for the days when I blow it! And there are still many of those……


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  4. i know how hard it is to hold on. i lost my husband 4 years ago and its still hard to beleive hes really gone. how can you be here one day and gone the next. we have no children and i cling to god but wonder is that a crutch. im so lonely


    • No. God isn’t a crutch for without Him we would have nothing. Try pouring your heart out to Him. Tell Him exactly how you are feeling and how very lonely you are. Even when a widow has children they cannot fill up the empty spot that a husband leaves and you can still be lonely.


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