Moving Through This Life Together

Early this morning on my way back from letting my brother’s dog out, I saw something that caught my attention.  Off to the side of the street was a tall athletic looking young man with a stop watch running alongside a short young woman. She was obviously tired and struggling to keep up with him and began to lag behind.  The young man, whom I could tell was coaching her, looked back and saw that she was close to stopping.  Instead of continuing to run on ahead of her, her turned back to run towards her.  His hand was gently motioning to her as if to say, “Come on!  You can do it!  Keep going!”.

Immediately what I was seeing became God and me.  There are times when we are running along together that I become discouraged and start to lag behind.  It’s too hard and too painful.  God doesn’t just look back at me and keep running away from me.  He turns back and runs toward me gently encouraging me to keep going.

I’m not running this race alone as a widow.  Even though I cannot see Him, I know without a shadow of a doubt that He has sat with me in the early days of shock and grief, crawled with me when I was able to move again, shuffled along with me as I began to get my bearings, and is now walking alongside me as I continue to find my way through each day.

God is not just some spiritual being that is up there floating around as He looks down on earth.  He’s much more personal than that.  I’m not just a dot in this world full of people.  I’m so much more than that because He loves me and I love Him.  Admittedly having faith and believing in a God that I cannot physically see is challenging at times, but in my heart I KNOW He is real.

It’s God and me together now sometimes crawling, sometimes shuffling, sometimes walking and at times loping alongside each other. I can’t tell you  how comforting it is to know that I am never alone.



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  1. This so speaks to my heart this morning Candy. Last weekend coming back from Church I just started crying and said, “Lord, I’m just so weary of grieving.” All of the losses of the last twelve years seemed to suddenly be weighing me down and it was like He turned around and came toward me and a supernatural peace came over me and I was suddenly filled with joy; rolled down all the windows in the car and let the cool night air blow. It was just as you described, as if He blew a fresh breath of air into me, to keep me going. It is so like Him to do that.


    • Hi Marisol. I have to remind myself daily that I am not alone either. Sometimes I have to remind myself several times a day. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and make a sweet comment.


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