Say Yes to New Life

In great loss, life as we have known it can never be again.  The day must come when we leave behind the old and reach for the new.

* Begin a list of things you know you must let go as you become aware of them.

 * What do you feel about the “tomorrows” to come–dread, fear, wonder, hope, anticipation, anxiety, trust, despair, confidence, apathy, belief . . .?

 * Pray for and look toward the day you once again say “yes” to life.

To reach for our tomorrows is to leave the familiar and dare to adventure into life not yet formed, holding tightly to the hand that has led us thus far.

Verdell Davis – Let Me Grieve But Not Forever


4 responses

    • Verdell Davis has 2 really good books for widows, Lorraine — RICHES STORED IN SECRET PLACES and LET ME GRIEVE BUT NOT FOREVER. you may be able to find them in the library.


  1. Thanks, Candy,
    I’ll read these books. It’s been almost 4 years and I still feel dread, anxiety, fear and maybe some apathy thrown in about my future. When will I ever get “used” to being alone? As time goes by I feel even more alone as family and friends think that I have adjusted. I am getting more and more lonely. I hope that these books help.


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