6 Discernable Stages of Loss

My daughter Annissa asked me to listen to the first message Rick Warren recently gave to his congregation four months after the loss of his son.  He talked about the 6 discernable stages of loss that he has been experiencing.

1.  SHOCK –  A human emotion

2.  SORROW/GRIEF –  A Godly emotion that is a good thing and the way that we get through the transitions of life.  Jesus wept.

3.  STRUGGLE – Where you ask the “WHY?!” questions that you won’t get the answers to, but it’s okay to ask them.  The test of your faith is what you do when you don’t get the answers because you aren’t going to get them.

4.  SURRENDER – Is where you stop asking the “Why?!” questions and start surrendering, submitting and accepting.  Surrender is the only path to peace.

5.  SANCTIFICATION – When God starts bringing good out of the bad.  When God starts making changes in you.  When your personality and character starts being transformed like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.  It’s when God makes you more Godly.

6.  SERVICE – Where God takes your greatest pain and turns it into your life message.  He wants to use your mess for a message.  He wants to use your test for a testimony.  The very thing you want to least talk about is the very thing God wants to use most in your life to help other people.  Your ministry comes out of your pain.

One statement that Rick made just really hit me in my heart:

“I would rather walk with God with none of my questions answered than to walk through life without Him and know all of the answers because when in pain, explanations don’t help.  You need the comfort of God.  You need the presence of God.”

To hear the entire message  entitled “How Do You Get Through What You’re Going Through” where both he and his wife talked about how they are getting through their grief, click on the link below.


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