Fitting In

Recently I watched a video of a group of adult Koreans who were adopted as a child by American families.  They returned to Korea for 21 days to get a feel for the land of their birth.  As one young man was interviewed, he was radiant with joy and said with a huge smile, “Everyone in America is so tall, but here I fit in!”

The first thought I had when he made that statement was how widows find themselves feeling in this society today.  As hard as we try, we don’t fit into any specific group.  We aren’t a couple, we aren’t divorced, and many of us don’t think of ourselves as single. After all, this world is our home for now. BUT, when we get to heaven, we’ll be able to say just like that young Korean man did, “Here I fit in!” What joy that feeling will bring!

Meanwhile as we adjust to the plan God has for our life, we keep going forward learning to fit into our new identity the best that we can as we find our place of service.

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