Where Will You Be Sitting?

Holidays are undoubtably the hardest times of the year for widows as families gather together to celebrate. There is always that empty chair in her mind…….someone  especially loved who is missing. The first few years are terribly hard, but eventually she learns to put on the face of quiet acceptance.

Nonetheless, the sweet memories of her loved one don’t fade into the background. Instead they rise to the forefront so that she can take them out and polish them as precious jewels. In time she learns to cherish them as something rare and priceless. When that time comes, she is able to find herself sitting in the “Thanksgiving Chair”.

Where will you be sitting this Thanksgiving?


2 responses

  1. Beautiful Candy. I began a cleaning project a week and a half ago which turned into a garage and basement cleanup. In the process, I and my son hauled out box after box of things left behind by John and for many nights I sat here alone reading his love letters to me and every card he got me over the course of 22 years. What I didn’t realize was that God was also doing a clean out within me. As I read, I was aware that I was feeling this incredible joy and thanksgiving to God for giving me this man who loved me so much, who adored me, and I was not grieving, just filled with joy for the years we had together–a blessing and a gift from God Himself . This seemed to transform the coming holiday season into joy for the first time in five years. I will be sitting in the “thanksgiving chair.”


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