The Construction of My Design

After the death of my husband I sold our home out in the country and moved into a new home in town close to one of my brothers and two of my daughters. There were two changes inside the house that I considered making, but just never had peace about doing them.

In the last six weeks two new family members have been added – two beautiful grandsons. My oldest daughter is in the process of rearranging her home to accommodate her mother-in-law. I again began to think about those changes here in my home and after getting an estimate and counseling with my financial adviser, the work has begun to add a bathroom to the 2nd story and finish a large bedroom/den type area that will make more room when my other two out of state daughters and their families come to visit.

As I am observing the process of this kind of construction, I am seeing the order of each step of the process that has to be taken in order for everything to be completed correctly. The Lord is pointing out to me that this is how the story of my life is working.

The electrician comes to install the wiring. The homeowner looks at the room along with the contractor and the electrician to get a feel for how the furnishings in the room will be laid out in the future. The electrician can then decide according to code where each outlet and light fixture can be installed. He completes those installations. Work then stops so that the inspector can come inspect the work to make sure it is up to code and just right. Until he signs off on that completed work, nothing else can be done. Should he find mistakes have been made, then the electrician must go back, correct those mistakes, and go through another inspection.

Before I was born, God had a design plan for the construction of my life. Step by step He works on that design. But in that process I have a free will to make choices and decisions in my life. When I am unsure of decisions I need to make, my heavenly Inspector comes along to show me what is wrong and how to make it right. Once I make those corrections to the course of my life then everything works in harmony together creating something beautiful.

How carefully God works on my life to make it lovely. At times there is construction that entails hard work with hours of clean up afterwards.

I look back at the life of my husband and all the steps God took to complete his design. No matter what happened, Bob always stayed focused on God. During the last few months and especially the last few weeks of his life, that focus was even more pronounced to the point where I felt a disconnection from Bob. That disconnection hurt for a long time until I realized that it was necessary for me to decrease so that God could increase as the end of his days drew near. After all, it’s really ALL about God.

My heart is so thankful that the construction of my life is being done by the Master Designer. I can be assured that I am not going through the process alone without guidance. If I make a mistake, my Inspector will come alongside me, show me exactly what needs to be corrected, take a look at my corrections helping me to get them just right and then say “Well done, Candy!” All I have to do is focus on Him the very best that I can knowing that He loves me no matter how imperfect I am.

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  1. Hi Candy. It’s been awhile. Congratulations on the birth of your two new grandsons! How exciting, (though bittersweet not having your Bob here to share it with you) for you and your family. I pray all will go well with your building project. What a beautiful word picture the Lord inspired for you to share with us. Thank you. So glad to see you moving forward in such a positive way. God’s blessings on you as you enjoy your growing family. Hugs to you, Candy! And Merry Christmas too!


  2. Thank you for saying that, Renee. It is very hard not having Bob here for his grandchildren and so very sad to me that the 3 grandsons born since he died 4 years ago will never know him. I have to admit that I had some big cries after each of their births. We have 7 grandsons and 1 granddaughter and they are such wonderfully behaved kids. Bob would be so very proud of the way their parents are training them and of the way they are so very pleasant to be around.

    Hugs back to you, Renee, and have a very sweet Christmas.


  3. Hi Candy, You’ve beautifully illustrated the rebuilding God does in our lives. After my first husband died, I carried out his plans of having old wallpaper stripped off and some repainting done. As I looked at those ugly walls in the midst of the process I couldn’t help thinking, “this is me, this is how my heart looks…” I’m so glad Jesus was a carpenter and is undoubtedly skilled in every phase of reconstruction and our design and you point out so clearly. thank you!


    • I so much appreciate your kind words, Ferree. Soon after my husband died they tore down that hospital. I remember driving by, seeing all the destruction and saying, “This is exactly how my life is now”. Slowly but surely it’s being rebuilt as is my relationship with God.


  4. Thanks, Candy. Your words always come at just the right time for me. Being alone for another Christmas season, not having my husband to share the joy of our first son’s upcoming wedding, looking for but not having his wisdom concerning our other children’s dilemma’s etc. I need some re-building to cope with all of this without him. I give it all back to God and ask Him for help. He always comes through.
    Also, the song was beautiful. Thank you


  5. Hi Carol. I, too, am still finding the holidays to be a particularly hard time of year. The upcoming wedding of your son will be filled with many mixed emotions. I have not experienced that, but can only imagine what it will be like for you.

    We moms want to “fix” our children’s dilemmas. I am slowly but surely learning that I don’t have to be the one to fix them, but that doesn’t make it any easier emotionally.

    I’m so glad we have the Master Builder quietly working on us behind the scenes. I couldn’t make it without Him.

    Glad you liked the song. I heard it myself yesterday for the very first time and thought it was beautiful.

    Refresh my memory on how long your husband has been gone now, please, Carol.


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