What Am I Adding to My Foundation?

When it comes to building projects and life, the foundation is the most important work.  The foundation carries the load of the structure on top of it as well as any future loads such as people, furniture and furnishings. Solid buildings have firm foundations that are built to the master builder’s specifications.  The more solid the foundation, the less likely the building is to suffer damage from storms, earthquakes, or the settling of the earth as time passes.

Because I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, He is the foundation of my life.  The moment I became a widow, the structure of the building of my life entered a great storm that violently shook it.  Yet, because of the strength of my foundation in Christ, my building was not blown away nor did it completely crumble.

The question now is what am I continuing to add onto my foundation since the purpose of my building as a wife has changed? Am I adding the wood, hay and stubble of materialism, worldly ambitions or my own plans for the future which are inferior or worthless things that cannot stand the test? Or am I adding gold, silver and precious stones that are purified by fire?

Gold, silver, and precious stones do not just appear on the surface of the ground.  They have to be dug up from the deep recesses of the earth. Whatever comes out of the depths of the earth as a result of all of the pressure that takes place deep within will show the work of God in them. It is worth much more.

Wood, hay and stubble, on the other hand, actually grow on the face of the earth and are easily obtainable.  Whatever can be obtained by the flesh of man then has no spiritual value.

Gold, silver and precious stones are valued for their intrinsic worth, the purity and sincerity of them, their weight, importance, their solidity, quality, their resistance to wear and tear, for the great esteem in which held by those who know their worth and for how they enrich a person’s life. Moreover, gold, silver and precious stones are valued for their great beauty.

My personality may be sporty casual, but put me in a jewelry store and I could stay forever.  I am always immediately drawn to the sparkle of diamonds and precious stones mounted in gold or silver jewelry.

I want to be adding gold, silver, and precious stones to the building of my life now as a widow.  I want others to see that there is beauty in my life and that I am not this sad woman who will be forever dressed in plain drab colors without joy or sparkle. I want my life to glow and shine with the love of Christ so that others can see that God doesn’t dim the light of a widow. What about you? What are you adding to the building of your life?

Strength Forged Through Sacrifice

No one will ever forget the complete devastation of Sept. 11th. Not only were buildings destroyed, but the lives of many people were completely blown apart and forever changed.

A little over eight years later on November 2, 2009 the USS New York LPD-21 was paraded into New York harbor and commissioned.  The most unique characteristic of this ship is that 7.5 tons of the World Trade Center steel was treated and smelted for use in the ship’s bow. The bow’s stem is the foremost portion of the ship where it cuts through the water and offers hull integrity. “The significance of where the WTC steel is located on the 684-foot-long ship symbolizes the strength and resiliency of the citizens of New York as it sails forward around the world,” said Commander Quentin King. “It sends a message of America becoming stronger as a result, coming together as a country and ready to move forward as we make our way through the world.

When Hurricane Katrina pounded the New Orleans area, it disrupted construction of the ship. Serious damage was escaped and workers were back in the area within weeks continuing construction until completion.


Most people would not consider the death of a husband as a sacrifice in a widow’s life. Yet, if you were to ask that widow, she would be quick to tell you it was a sacrifice of the plans she had for her life as a wife of the man she loved. It was an unplanned and unwanted sacrifice.

If that widow is an intentional widow who, though shattered to pieces and knocked down, has the strength to face her grief and do her grief work, the bow of her ship of life will be able to cut through the waters with integrity. Her life will be a symbol to other widows that they CAN get back up in time and become stronger. They CAN be resilient even when Hurrican Katrinas blow in at times and try to knock them back down.

May the bow of the ship of my life continue to be strengthened. How about you? What can you tell me about how God is taking the pieces of broken steel in your life and forging them into something stronger?