How to “Run” the Grief Journey for Gold

This morning I heard a message on Hebrews 12: 1-3 and thought about how I as a widow am to run my grief journey.

1.  I am to keep in mind those widows who are my examples. I need to think about their faith and how they are responding to God.   If I don’t know any widows, I need to find and read books about other Christian widows.

2.  I am to keep in mind their trials and tests.  There’s no promise in the Bible that we are going to live life without any problems.

3.  I am to keep in mind their triumphs over frustrations and fears, etc. 

4.  I am to keep my body free from all hindrances – TV, facebook, twitter, any weight that is not essentially sinful, but is holding me back.  No runner runs with a lot of overcoats on.

5.  I am to keep my body free from sin.  Beware of the vulnerability of widowhood.

6.  I am to keep my legs on the move.  I mustn’t stop or get stuck in my grief journey.  I must keep moving forward.

7.  I must keep my feet on the course and stay in my lane.  I can’t look around at other widows to see where they are in their race and compare myself to them.

8.  I must keep my eyes on Jesus the Author and Finisher of my faith – my Prize.

9.  I must keep my heart in tune and in shape.  Beware of being discouraged.  Consider what Jesus went through for me and as I think about His sufferings, I’ll see mine in perspective.

10. I must keep from being disobedient to what God wants for me.

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