Tools Every Widow Needs

One of the smartest things I kept after my husband died was one of his small tool boxes.  Here are a few vital items that every widow should have on hand:


Two screwdrivers (flat and Phillips)

Adjustable wrench and knife

Measuring tape

Duct tape

Flashlights (one in the house and one in the car)



Weather radio

Baking soda near stove for grease fires

A small fire extinguisher

A garden hose outside if you are a home dweller


A well-stocked first-aid kit

A can of WD-40 oil, which eases, loosens, prevents and makes things work

If you find yourself especially handy, you might want to add an electric drill and who knows what else

A list of important numbers (who to call for different repairs, accountant, etc.)

2 responses

  1. Good and practcal. I did keep the electric drill and found all kinds of uses. Discovered I could do so many things I never thought of doing. I even kept a lot of his power tools.


  2. Hi Kathy. I actually wish that in the fog I had kept more tools than I did, but at the time that my son-in-law spent a week going through his shed and garage full of things just a few days after Bob passed away, I wasn’t really thinking straight. At least I kept his every day tool box.


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