What’s the Point of Going On?

Have you ever asked yourself this question “What’s the point of going on?”  Have you ever been in a place where life is not going the way that you planned it? You’ve said, “Really, God?!  REALLY!”, pleaded with God to change your situation, done everything you thought was right, prayed all the prayers you knew to pray begging God to give you the answer that you desire only to find that your desire was not God’s desire for you and His answer was no?

For the last six weeks I have been listening to a series of messages by Andy Stanley called IN THE MEANTIME . Never in my life have I heard messages such as these that answer the question What do I do in the meantime? I would encourage you to take the time to listen to each and every one of them, but yesterday’s message entitled Comfort Zone was especially meaningful to me because it answers the question “What’s the point of going on?”

The purpose of my past, present and on-going grief and the reason for me to go on is that because of the losses of my husband and both of my parents, God has uniquely qualified me, positioned me and equipped me to comfort others who are going through those same losses. He give mes the understanding and ability to comfort them with the comfort that God Himself has/is giving me. And, it is this divine purpose for my pain that instills life into my soul which enables me to go on.

 There have been times when I have heard someone say that they will not accept the situation that God has put them in. I have to admit that there have been times that I have felt that very same way just because I just don’t like being a widow. But, will holding onto the way that I wanted my life to be change the way that my life is? Absolutely not.  In fact, it only serves to tie me up, put me in a dark box, slam the lid, encircle the box with heavy chains and snap the padlock tightly shut as I hear the clink of the key being thrown far away. What would be the purpose of that? Nothing!  Absolutely nothing! It not only deprives me of God’s comfort and the comfort that another widow might want to give me, but it deprives me of the life-giving experience of comforting another widow with the comfort that I could have allowed God to give to me.

So, where are you?  Are you asking yourself the question “What’s the point of going on?” as you throw yourself into that black box? Or, are you doing the best you can to accept the place where God has put you as you ask God to comfort you as only He can do?

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